Read on for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Foresyte. 

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What exactly does Lifestyle Planning mean?

How do you currently coordinate plans with a group of friends for a special occasion several weeks out? Herding the cats to ensure everyone stays in the conversation loop, knows when/where to be, and squares up on expenses?

Our assumption is that you probably use a combination of at least 2-3 of the following tools with lackluster results:

  • Facebook Events / E-vite
  • Google / Outlook Calendar
  • iMessage / Text
  • WhatsApp / Groupme
  • Venmo / Splitwise

That’s the problem Foresyte is solving. Bringing all these Lifestyle Planning essentials under one roof to make coordinating with your friends a breeze.

How is Foresyte different from other products?

The calendar products of the world are great at delivering a calendar, the group chat / photo pooling products of the world deliver on what’s advertised, and the cash exchange products of the world provide a simple way to square up with friends. What’s missing here?

Nobody’s ever thought to bundle these critical utilities into a single platform… UNTIL NOW

  • Group Events 2.0 – create, invite, post, comment, and collaborate 
  • Event Chat – all the beauty of group chat, tidied nicely within your event
  • Photo Pooling – no more having to wrangle your Insta-worthy moments
  • In-App Venmo – no more awkward follow-up; square up within event 
  • Featured Experiences – top places to see and things to do in a city
  • Travel Checklist – what to pack, how to get your visa/passport, where to board your pets, entry requirements by country.. we got you covered
  • Trip/Event Budgets – no more stressing about the wallet; set a budget and stay accountable to saving towards your goal

Can Foresyte help me plan events with large groups or clubs?

Absolutely! Foresyte specializes in event coordination, particularly when it comes to planning with large groups. Weddings, bachelor(ette) parties, socials, formals, you name it… we’ve got you covered. The app keeps everyone on the same page by conveniently organizing all the details so that you don’t have to sift through endless group chats to find what you need. 

Each event you plan supports group chat, photo pooling, and expenses tracking all in one place!

How can Foresyte help with travel planning?

You know that trip you’ve been talking about with friends? The one that never happens because no one can decide where, when, or how much it’ll cost to go? Foresyte answers all these questions and more, making it easier than ever to put these words into action.

Discover global destinations that fit within your budget. Browse the full cost of flights, hotels, ride-share, food & fun for your travel days; all with a simple tap. Then build the perfect itinerary with friends to maximize your travel experience. Herding the cats has never been easier.

Not everyone has the income to consider traveling. How can Foresyte help?

Foresyte is designed to help you effectively manage your discretionary income in a way that turns your bucket list into reality. We understand everyone’s financial situation is unique, and that’s why we built a solution that helps you be proactive as you plan, taking your budget further. 

Foresyte cuts through the fluff to show you the full cost of a trip to any destination, and then helps you set a budget plan that can get you there. You may find that your dream vacation is more realistic than you thought!

How does Foresyte know the cost of traveling to any city?

Foresyte’s travel algorithm analyzes the following four verticals to understand the cost of travel:

  • Flights – Roundtrip fares from Google Flights
  • Accommodations – Nightly rates from Booking.com 
  • Transportation – Average roundtrip fares from local ride-share providers
    • Airport <> City Center
    • Popular sites around the city 
  • Food & Fun – Prices from Google’s top dining and entertainment choices around the city

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In-app Venmo feature coming soon.