Have you been scrolling Instagram and TikTok only to see photo after photo and video after video of your ex having fun with their friends? Not only is it rubbing salt in the open wound that if your heart, but it also reminder you that … you’re home, alone, in the same town where memories of you and your ex bombard you at every turn.

It’s time for a change

Why not plan your own epic trip with friends? It’s a great solution to your FOMO, and broken heart. You’ll have something amazing to look forward to, and you’ll get to explore somewhere new with your tried-and-true crew.

Image of a beautiful beach with tiki-style umbrellas and the sun reflecting off of blue water.
Book a beautiful beach stay to warm up when the weather is chilly.

Spend January and February having fun in the sun

Rather than shivering in your apartment, you could be sipping margaritas on the beach with your friends. The sooner you book, the better your rates. Hop on the app, find your beautiful beach vacation, create an itinerary for your group, and invite your friends to your trip.

Then, all you have to do is get together and enjoy a wonderful weekend with friends.