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Welcome to Foresyte: The Collaborative Planning App for Travel & Events

Plan group travel and events the easy way with the only collaborative planning app that lets you chat, coordinate, discover, create, and book in one spot.

 Welcome to Foresyte: The Collaborative Planning App for Travel and Events 

Foresyte is excited to share its growing network of Content Marketers around the world. Designed for content creators, influencers and bloggers, the app is welcoming those who have experience publishing engaging content and share Foresyte’s passion for travel and adventure.

Foresyte’s Content Marketer Welcome Video

Content Marketer Role 

Earn each time one of your content viewers tries out the app, either by way of a link you can place in your bio or informational graphics you can embed in your relevant content. Foresyte converts an unusual 60% of the iOS traffic that reaches its App Store page, which means each viewer to visit our page carries significant value.

Promoting Foresyte 

Successful content marketing hinges on matching your audience’s immediate needs and interests. Foresyte’s broad appeal makes it a fitting choice for various communities. We encourage partners to produce useful and relevant content for your audiences, intersecting the core value pillars of the app organically. Our Foresyte Creative Brief is available as a resource for partners.

Tracking and Earnings 

Foresyte partners with market-leading platform,, to manage payroll and provide access to real-time engagement reports, so that you can monitor your content. Promotional links and graphics remain active, indefinitely, meaning any content you publish can generate long-term passive income.

Join us in this exciting journey and turn your marketing prowess into passive income as a Foresyte Content Marketer. Apply today.

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