Plan your travel wisely

Have you been wanting to experience the sunset at the Parthenon in Athens, but don’t want to waste four days traveling to arrive and turn back around? Try this travel hack as you plan with your besties.

Strategize your PTO use

By getting strategic about your PTO use, you can extend holidays and long weekends into 5-12 days of travel time. Below is the list of dates to mark in your PTO calendar before everyone else at your office does:

Graphic depicting how to turn 15 PTO days into 52 days of vacation for 2024.
Plan your PTO early to maximize your time off.

Be mindful of your budget

We know… this includes holiday weekends, which can be costly. But, if you visit Travel Planner, you can see the least expensive season to travel to your city of choice.

So round up your friends and start planning. Because friends who travel together, stay together.